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Setting Up

In case people stumble over here please note that this page is currently under construction. Setting up something like this is time consuming and tedious; especially when you don’t want to half-ass it. Gathering links has got to be giving me the most trouble. You would not believe how many site I have to click through, just to find a study reference. It’s seriously like trying to sift through CDC’s website; click, after click, after click until you finally find the study details and even then you may have to search, just to be able to read the damn thing. One of my goals is to change all of that. I mean really, who has the time to go through 4+ pages just to make sure the information isn’t just being touted as truth. I want the facts laid out and the references¬†right there. This all takes time.

If you’re interested by all means check back in, from time to time. If everything goes as planned then you should hear about us eventually anyway.

Start small, Dream big.


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