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Autism is Treatable

Autism was once widely believed to be “something that just happens”, “their brains are just wired differently”, “it’s a genetic thing, chronic condition and there’s nothing that can be done for it”. Today we know so much more about what autism truly is and how to help individuals lose the restrictions that autism brings.

Therapy is not treatment, the two are constantly being mixed up and it can become very confusing, especially when you are first seeking out information. Therapy helps with a lot of things, namely for “catching up” to the recommended developmental level that are felt to be standard. Another benefit of therapy is coping; learning to deal with sensory issues, outbursts and stimming, to name a few. It is widely recommended by a majority of professionals that ABA/IBI therapy is the only treatment for autism; even though there is a lack of studies showing this to be true.  Prescription drugs are also recommended by a majority of professionals. Again, these drugs being recommended have been shown to do no improvement and sometimes even harm when taken. All seems daunting doesn’t it? Don’t fret though it gets easier as you go along.

Treatment is based on symptoms, tests and observations; lots and lots of observations. See autism has many different causes all which can be simplified down to things involving toxicity levels, susceptibility and yes, parental history. Once you understand how the “autism” came about and the effects it is presently causing, you can then base treatment on that individual. Now the disclaimer here: there are some that are reported to not respond to all treatments and of course this can happen. Since autism has become a highly political matter accessability to proper research and the amount of people knowledgeable about it is pretty limited. Once research goes in the proper direction there will be more possibilities and more help for those who need it. In some cases, because some of the “treatment protocols” need to be followed precisely in order to see results and that when first implemented the individuals don’t have enough information and may making a mistake without knowing it. Before making any medical decision; you need to do your research thoroughly, consult doctors, get in touch with others who have seen success and most of all, put the pieces together. The information is out there, so don’t be discouraged by those who tell you that you or your child will never be or never do something. They are highly misinformed and autism is not a death sentence.


The Autism Diet




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