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Injury After Vaccination

We have constantly been told that vaccine injury is very rare. We have been lied to. It is occurring more frequently and while not everyone is speaking out enough are to be able to have this post. New articles and information will become be added as it becomes available. Please note that some of the stories and pictures that will be shared can be very heartbreaking.

Child Paralyzed and Stolen by the State

7-Year Old Dies After Vaccination

Quote from mother Nicole Matten

Today is 4 months that my beautiful 7 yr old baby girl got her fatal dose of the flu vaccine she was pronounced dead about 92hrs later I am asking all parents to do what I didnt do untill it was too late. Plz plz research the ingredients of ALL vaccines and then make and educated choice so other family dont have to go thru the pain my family is feeling feel Free to share this with everyone thru out the world people need to know and make and educated choice MOMMY LOVES YOU KAYLYNNE FOREVER AND ALWAYS 9/9/04-12/06/11






Teenager has Reaction After Vaccinated Against Mothers Wishes


2,000+ Girls Suffer Side Effects

Leroy Incident

Mystery Illness

Tourette’s Like Ilness

Mass Hysteria BS

Officials Refuse To Give Answers


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