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Is not solely a genetic/hereditary condition

Contrary to popular belief, autism is not a solely genetic or hereditary condition. News Headlines can be very misleading when reporting on studies, especially concerning genetic studies and autism.

Like this article for example. While the headline purports that genetics are the main factor in autism, the actual article and even study itself reveals the exact opposite.

Studies done on genetics in relation to autism claim that genetics can only account for 6-10% of cases.

These ‘autism’ genes are also found in individuals who do not have autism.

So how can this be a genetic disorder when those same genes occur in ourselves as well?

Two Words: Environmental Factors

There is a lot going on when it comes to autism; susceptibility, over toxicity, immune system gone haywire, viruses stuck inside the body that shouldn’t be there, enzyme deficiencies and the list goes on and on. In fact it can be found here, with data constantly being added.


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