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The numbers are increasing, we aren’t diagnosing younger, are not more aware, are not widening the definition and are institutionalizing the same

I am sure everyone has heard this one and some can make it sound very convincing. There have been changes to the DSM but autism is still distinctive from other diagnosis and this ‘widening umbrella’ is by no means absorbing all developmental disabilities under its roof. Getting a diagnosis isn’t as easy as everyone is making it seem. On average it takes up to 2 years to receive an official diagnosis after first realizing that your child has autism. The common view portrayed as misdiagnosis, usually pertains to children who have ‘recovered’ enough from autism as to lose their diagnosis. Awareness? Go ahead and ridicule me but it’s a joke. Stand downtown in your city and ask a few people about autism, what the current numbers are, anything really and see how aware they are. You aren’t aware of autism until it effects a family member or friend and even then it isn’t the same as it directly affecting you or your child. People talk about the institutionalizing thing because they include other psychological disorders in with autism when referring to this claim. Those with autism are still being put into the same places but with the increase and no help in sight, parents are left to simply deal with the situation on their own. Parents have the same dedication now as they did back then, we didn’t suddenly become more responsible and goldenly take on the challenge of autism instead of giving them up to someone else. It’s a hard thing when autism is made out to be this chronic disorder that cannot be undone, that your child is lost to autism and you just have to live with it and there is very little that you can do to help; when it all simply isn’t true.

Various articles can only claim as high as 1/3 of the increase being attributed to this and even that is pushing it a bit high. CDC’s numbers are from children born in 2000, they have nothing in relation to children born today, 5 years ago or 10 years ago but we’ll let it slide for a second and take that 1/3 statistic. So that leaves 2/3 of the increase due to…….drumroll please……. more kids actually having autism. An increase like this rules out a genetic/hereditary condition and leaves the conclusion that some outward influence (environmental factor) is causing autism. The more money that is wasted on genetic studies the more the numbers increase and the farther away we are from the cause.


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