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Those With Autism Have Feelings

The misconception that those with autism have/show no feelings is a pretty big deal. It can bring about thoughts that those with autism are less of a person because they cannot feel. This is simply not true.

Those with autism can be hurt by the things we say and do, the same as everyone else. Those with autism care, love and can feel sympathetic but may show it in a different way. I know of many families who have the most affectionate children; who are diagnosed with autism. Some children with autism do have difficulty expressing feelings and may not for example initiate hugs but that does not mean they don’t want one. The worst thing you can do is talk infront of those with autism like they aren’t there or are unable to understand and even worse is calling names thinking that it has no effect.  Stories in regards to the mistreatment of those deemed special needs are in abundance, this needs to end.


One comment on “Those With Autism Have Feelings

  1. My son is about the most affectionate child I’ve ever known and I spent 7 years working as an elementary school teacher. He has also recently been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.

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