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Various Vaccine Articles

Some Vaccine History

Some Background on Vaccine Injury Compensation

Chicken Pox Vaccine Damages Natural Immunity and Causes Shingles

Vaccines and Autism; The Secret You’re Not Supposed to Know

Vaccinated Kids Get 2-5 More Diseases Than Unvaccinated

Monkeys Develop Autism After Receiving Vaccinations

Whooping Cough Vaccine Causing Outbreak


47,500 Paralysis Cases After Vaccine

12 Fold Increase in Polio After Vaccination

WHO and Bill Gates Unethical

Paralysis Cases Spike After Vaccine

Vaccines Cause Diabetes

MMR Linked to Heightened Risk of Blood Disorder

Vaccines Still Contain Mercury


Mechanisms of Aluminum Adjuvant Toxicity and Autoimmunity in Pediatric Populations

Parental Vaccine Rights

Gardasil Risk Outweighs Benefits

FDA Approved Gardasil Without Safety Testing

Shaken Baby Syndrome

GSK Fined

Attorney Challenges Attacks on Religious Exemptions

Wakefield Stuff

Wakefield Sues

Wakefield Sues 2

Brian Deer Stuff

Who is He

Who is He Part 2

Quackwatch and Other Skeptics Going Down?


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