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Fluoride Studies

Cheng YX, IQ of children in areas of high fluorine content, Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases, Supplement 1991.


  • Lowers IQ by 6 times
  • Causes dental fluorosis – 86%
  • Causes skeletal fluorosis – 6%
  • Can accumulate in cerebral tissue before birth


Riggs BL, Hodson SF, OFallon WM, et al. Effect of fluoride treatment on the fracture rate in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. NEJM 1990;322:802-809


  • Decreases cortical bone mineral density
  • Increase skeletal fragility
Hedlund LR, Gallagher JC. Increased incidence of hip fracture in osteoporotic women treated with sodium fluoride. J Bone Miner Res 1989;4:223-225


  • BMD of the spine significantly higher
Avioli LV. Fluoride treatment of osteoporosis. Postgrad Med: a special report, 14 Sept 1987:26-27


Cohn PD , A Brief Report On The Association Of Drinking Water Fluoridation And The Incidence of Osteosarcoma Among Young Males, NJ Depart. of Health, Environ. Health Service, 1992, 1- 17


  • Damages bones
  • No benefit from injesting fluoride
  • Small benefit from use on surface of teeth

Dambacher MA, Ittner J, Ruegsegger P. Long-term fluoride therapy of postmenopausal osteoporosis. Bone 1986;7:199-205


  • In 47% of the treated patients, osteoarticular side effects were observed. In 27%, scintigraphy of the ankle was positive, alkaline phosphatase was increased, and radiologic signs of healing stress fractures were present
  • the incidence of osteoarticular side effects and the increased number of new crush fractures of the spine during the first year of treatment raise the possibility of fluoride-induced microfractures

Kleerkoper ME, Peterson E, Phillips E, et al. Continuous sodium fluoride therapy does not reduce vertebral fracture rate in postmenopausal osteoporosis (abstract) J Bone Miner Res 1989; Res 4 [Suppl]:S376




  • Fluoride uptake in vascular walls was demonstrated in 361 sites of 54 (96%) patients,
  • calcification was observed in 317 sites of 49 (88%) patients
  • Significant correlation between fluoride uptake and calcification was observed in most of the arterial walls, except in those of the abdominal aorta.
  • Fluoride uptake in coronary arteries was demonstrated in 28 (46%) patients and coronary calcifications were observed in 34 (56%) patients
  • There was significant correlation between history of cardiovascular events and presence of fluoride uptake in coronary arteries
  • The coronary fluoride uptake value in patients with cardiovascular events was significantly higher than in patients without cardiovascular events.

J Epidemiol (CL8), 1996 Dec; 6 (4): 184-91


  • In water, food, beverages, toothpaste and dentistry products. Mouthwash, juice fruits, conserved foods and Teflon dishes
  • Water exposure to fluoride occurs through fertilizers, aluminum industries, insecticides, pesticide, herbicides and fungicides used for fruits and vegetables
    • Environmental  fluoride pollution
  • Side effects of chronic fluoride intake
    • Decrease of hemoglobin concentration
    • Gastrointestinal disorders
    • Tooth loss at a young age
    • Osteofluorosis
    • Hip fracture among aged people
    • Osteosclerosis
    • Osteoporosis
    • Special forms of arthritis and joint ankylosis
    • Metaphysical osteomalacia
    • Mottling and weak structure of the tooth
    • Insulin secretion and glucose tolerance test disorders
    • Decrease of urine concentration
    • Immune system disorders
    • Genetic defects and cancer
    • Learning disabilities
    •  IQ deficits
    • Thyroid dysfunction

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