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A Ramble a Day…

I am sick and tired of government officials promising things, assuring us that something will be done about such and such problem. Protests are usually met with a speech about how the governing body is also concerned, how actions have been taken to address those concerns and those actions will get a bigger push because they want to help and are concern about the issue. A few weeks, months later, you come to find that nothing was done, the worst has happened and they really don’t care. They are supposed to be there to run the place and meet the needs of the people, the concerns of the people; they are not meeting up to expectations. Most of the systems set up to help us are unchecked and are causing more harm than good.


It’s one of the reasons I’ve started this. People need to be informed, to know their rights, know what is happening around them and be able to take control over their lives; instead of being spoon fed all these companies jargon.


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