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Aggressiveness is Not Spontaneous Nor is it Unfounded

The idea that those with Autism (and other ‘special needs’) are just aggressive for no reason at all is so ridiculous, it isn’t even funny. The only basis for this is that people have little to no understanding of what is going on. There can be so many reasons for outward acts of aggression and the most common is lack of communication. Imagine for yourself how frustrating it must be; to be unable to communicate, to be understood, to have your needs met, to express your fear or frustration. There are many other reasons including such as; sensory overload, fear, outbursts of emotion(of any kind), during ‘meltdowns’ etc. Take a very close look at the situation and examine every factor you can. You will most likely, easily find an ‘instigator’ that set off the aggression and if you remove or can overcome that factor then everyone can function happier. Too many times do you see stories of horrid methods being used on those with autism and other ‘special needs’ as well.


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