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Can Grow up to be Successful

I would never use the term (since it is so commonly misused) but “Differently –Abled” does fit very well here. You are no less a person just because you have the title “disabled” or “special needs”. You can become successful like everyone else. Your journey to success may be different, harder or more complicated than what some would consider ‘the norm’ (another blah word) but nonetheless success can be achieved; success is what you want it to be. I’ll use the quick and easy example of Temple Grandin: she is not less successful because of her ‘deemed disability’. There are many amazing people who are deemed ‘special needs’ and they can do many amazing things, to think that they are any less is only upon those who misunderstand or who are uninformed. Don’t misinterpret here though, I would never claim that ever successful, geek/genius has autism. This is not the case. Very commonly are those such as Bill Gates and Albert Einstein commonly touted as Autistic genius, however this is both unproven, far reaching and usually this topic (and others) are very heated amongst the autism community.


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