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What is Fluoride?

Touted for it’s use on teeth and also in our drinking water; even though it is a toxic substance that can have debilitating consequences.

Fluoride can be found in food, beverages, toothpaste and dentistry products. Fluoride is used in numerous products including mouthwash, conserved foods and teflon dishes. Water exposure to fluoride can occur through fertilizers, aluminum industries, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides used for fruits and vegetables.

We are constantly being exposed to fluoride, even on our toothpaste container it says do not swallow. Young children have to use unfluoridated toothpaste because of risk of swallowing.

Why then is it alright to be put into our drinking water?



One comment on “What is Fluoride?

  1. Thanks for doing this!

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