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Current Autism Numbers

Autism. Have you heard of it? If not than you will soon.

The CDC estimates autism numbers as being 1 in 88. So that’s what they say is the current average number. Pretty scary isn’t it. 1 in 88 chance of autism and for boys it’s even greater, 1 in 54. That’s what everyone thinks right, since that is the headline. Want to know something even scarier, these aren’t even the true numbers.1 in 88 is rate of autism in 12 year olds. Anyone under 12 is not included. So if your child is 6 and diagnosed with autism, theses aren’t their numbers. What’s more is that these were taken from only 14 communities some with rates as low as 1 in 47….for children over 12!

The current rate for this year is staggering. 1 in 29

For boys the number is even greater.


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