School Vaccinations

Summer vacation for students is almost over; goes fast doesn’t it? Even though it is still some time away, the notifications of school vaccinations are already being given out. Contrary to popular belief you do not need to be vaccinated in order to attend school or even daycare. This misconception exists mainly due to ‘left out information’. Usually there is no question on whether you wish to vaccinate or not and is treated as a mandatory requirement. Notices that arrive home from school usually never indicate that you in fact have 3 choices with regard to vaccines and school entry.

They are as follows:

  1. Proof of vaccination
  2. Proof of immunity (titers test)
  3. Proof of exemption

Commonly people believe that if you choose not to vaccinate that you must then homeschool your child; but you do have options. The titers test is not known by most people or even some doctors for that matter. This is mainly because it is too expensive to do this test on every child and is more cost effective to simply give a booster instead. A lot of children already have immunity to one or more of the diseases they are vaccinated for and instead of having an unnecessary booster you can get this test done showing that you or your child already has immunity to this specific disease. Exemptions can be obtained by your local Health Unit or by printing off the form on their website(form #2). You then take the form to be notarized, send a copy to the school and the original back to the Health Unit and your child is ready for school entry.

Some things to remember:

Vaccines are a product and no product can be made a mandatory requirement

Any synthetic comes with risks, always ask for the insert that comes with every vaccine, to read all the risks/side effects associated with each because doctors commonly only inform you of the lesser side effects like fever and redness at the injection site and not of the majors like encephalitis(brain swelling), GBS or seizures

Doctors are very busy and don’t have time to read every new study concerning vaccines, do your own research

Stay informed, know your options and take charge of you and your child’s health


Information obtained from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Brant County Health Unit and each vaccine manufacturers pages

Exemption form located here www.bchu.org/images/stories/pdf/Immunization/Statement-of-Conscience-or-Religious-Belief.pdf



2 comments on “School Vaccinations

  1. “Vaccines are a product and no product can be made a mandatory requirement”
    What does the above sentence mean?

    All children should be vaccinated unless they have an allergy to the vaccine in question or other prohibitive medical condition. Infectious diseases are only kept at bay through herd immunity, and if too many people opt out of receiving vaccinations then there will be an insufficient proportion of people immunized to prevent the spread of the disease. This puts at risk those who are unable to get the vaccine, who are immuno-compromised, and for whom the vaccine didn’t take effect.

    It is thanks to vaccines that diseases like polio and smallpox are unheard of today. Proper vaccination protects our population from mumps and measles, whooping cough and chicken pox.

    Under the Immunization of School Pupils Act, parents must ensure pupils are immunized or face a fine of up to $1,000, unless they get a medical exception from a physician or nurse, or file a statement of conscience or religious belief with the medical officer of health. If a child isn’t either vaccinated or exempted, he or she can be suspended from school for twenty days, or in the case of an outbreak, suspended until the end of the outbreak.

  2. Product – Chemistry A substance resulting from a chemical reaction & something produced by effort, or some mechanical or industrial process. By definition compare to toothpaste, chemo, floss, shampoo etc. Vaccines are made in a lab by a Company. A company makes products. A product (like vaccines) cannot be mandated upon the population. Does that clear it up a little for you?
    Herd immunity is false. It has never been proven and the number seems to change each time. If nearly 100% vaccination is required in order for it to work, is this not the worst preventative medical product ever? To add to this, there have been outbreaks in 100% vaccinated populations. The current whooping cough ‘outbreak’ is occurring at an average rate of 75% of fully vaccinated individuals with no unvaccinated persons to blame for the start, spread or heightened numbers that are occurring. As stated by Anne Schuchat, MD, director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.
    Please answer me this. Why should all children be vaccinated? Also how do you know that the children not vaccinated are so due to their risk from vaccination?
    There are several articles, studies, books, movies, stats etc, that show the decline of these diseases were occurring before vaccination was implemented. As well some show that vaccination has actually increased spread and intensity of these diseases. A perfect well known example is that of polio. Oral polio caused ore polio and paralysis than the disease itself.
    Here you can just print off this form http://www.bchu.org/images/stories/pdf/Immunization/Statement-of-Conscience-or-Religious-Belief.pdf , get it notarized and send it in and you don’t have to worry about being fined or not being allowed in school.

    No matter your stance, the fact is that children do not have to be vaccinated in order to attend school. Vaccines are not mandated, exemptions are available. You have a choice.

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