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Use The Tools Available To You


We encourage spreading awareness, information and combating false information; as long as it doesn’t involve damage to property. A good example is graffiti. While it can be beautiful works of art with important or inspiring messages, it is also used for ridiculous tagging that can make a community look trashy. The biggest aspect to graffiti is that it doesn’t come off very easily. Pamphlets and flyers can be recycled, magnets and stickers peel off and chalk disappears with water; all without damage to property.

Nearly all us remember using sidewalk chalk as kids. We made hopscotch, wrote our names and drew pictures we considered works of art. It was fun, colourful and grabbed the attention of those walking by. Even now, many of us still look down when we see colourful works on our sidewalks; why can’t we use this to help inform people?

If you have kids, you’ll probably have some around your house and if not, it’s pretty cheap to get some.  Chalk is very portable and it can be simple or you can get very creative in your messages. There are so many things that can be said; fluoride ingestion lowers IQ, Autism 1in29, Label GMO’s, Pesticide harms etc. There are many places that would be good prospects to check out; Fast food places, parking lots, parks, downtowns, basically anywhere that people tend to gravitate to. 

We aren’t big business, we aren’t government, what we are is everyday people and must work within our means. We cannot hope for those in charge to put out information to the public; we already see them failing. We can’t expect everyone to go out there and speak out, but even one can make a difference.


So pick up a piece of chalk and help inform people today


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