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Vaccine Side Effects; Are They Real?

Risks of vaccination are very real and reaction are often serious, even deadly. Have you been informed of the risks associated with each vaccination, they aren’t as simple as ‘pain or redness at the injection site and possible low fever’. Always ask to read the insert that comes with each vaccine before deciding whether to vaccinate or not.

 Currently, Quebec is the only jurisdiction in Canada to have a compensation plan for VAAEs

contraindication is a condition that significantly increases the chance that a serious adverse event will occur if the vaccine is given. In general, vaccines should not be given when a contraindication exists.

The only three contraindications to vaccines approved in Canada; despite the fact that producers of vaccines list many more – see vaccine inserts for a list of contraindications.

Anaphylaxis to a component of the vaccine (can occur with any vaccine) – There is no testing beforehand and doctors are supposed to be prepared in case on can occur. These situations are quite serious and can turn deadly. We hope that all doctors and nurses administering vaccines are making sure to have their patients wait a bit after a shot in case of this happening.

Significant immunosuppression- There is no testing beforehand.


Those are the three approved contraindications in Canada. The later two are only applied to live vaccines. We hope that people consider the lack of studies showing any vaccine during pregnancy is safe.

Not a contraindication but rather listed as a precaution are those suffering from GBS.

Listed side effects of various vaccines

Allergic Reactions-Creation of allergies is implicated



potential risk of apnea to premature infants

convulsions or seizures

crying for more than three hours

fever, fussiness, crying, decreased activity, loss of appetite, redness, swelling and tenderness at the injection site, a lump under the skin where the needle was given, which may last a week or sometimes months, some nausea and vomiting, especially when fever is present. Somnolence, convulsion, febrile convulsion, HHE, hypotonia, Cyanosis, Pallor, brachial neuritis

Progressive neurologic disorder, including infantile spasms, uncontrolled epilepsy, progressive encephalopathy

demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system, peripheral mononeuropathies, and cranial mononeuropathies. Hypersensitivity, anaphylactic reaction (such as urticaria, angioedema). Irritability, screaming,

Convulsion (with or without fever), prolonged or unusual high-pitched crying, hypotonic hyporesponsive episode (infant appears pale, hypotonic [limp] and unresponsive to parents). Pallor, Apnea, Erythema, rash, Pain in vaccinated limb. High fever (>40.5°C), injection site mass, asthenia, and listlessness. Large injection site reactions (>50 mm) including extensive limb swelling which may extend from the injection site beyond one or both joints. Edematous reactions affecting one or both lower limbs

Granuloma or sterile abscess at the injection site













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