Current Autism Numbers

Autism. Have you heard of it? If not than you will soon. The CDC estimates autism numbers as being 1 in 88. So that’s what they say is the current average number. Pretty scary isn’t it. 1 in 88 chance of autism and for boys it’s even greater, 1 in 54. That’s what everyone thinks […]

Everyone Suffers From Physical Ailments

Too many stories of doctors dismissing patients because “he has autism, their is nothing else wrong with him”. There can be many reasons behind this but that’s a whole other article. The other part of this is that it is commonly misthought that autism is strictly a ‘brain disorder’, however those with autism (especially the […]

Have an Imagination

“I remember when he was diagnosed and the doctor told me (among other things) that because autism is a brain disorder it prevented him from having an imagination. Watching my son at home flying planes around and crashing into action figures, I knew he was wrong; what else didn’t he know about?” There is no […]

Aggressiveness is Not Spontaneous Nor is it Unfounded

The idea that those with Autism (and other ‘special needs’) are just aggressive for no reason at all is so ridiculous, it isn’t even funny. The only basis for this is that people have little to no understanding of what is going on. There can be so many reasons for outward acts of aggression and […]

Can Grow up to be Successful

I would never use the term (since it is so commonly misused) but “Differently –Abled” does fit very well here. You are no less a person just because you have the title “disabled” or “special needs”. You can become successful like everyone else. Your journey to success may be different, harder or more complicated than […]

Those Diagnosed Non-Verbal Can Communicate

Communication is not just vocal expression, though with treatment this too can be achieved. There are numerous ways to communicate; sign language, typing/writing, PECS/Picture Cards, through devices etc. Those who are diagnosed non-verbal, partially verbal, unverbal, whatever each doctor decides; are not unable to understand and are in no way completely unable to communicate. If […]

Are Not Just Bratty Spoiled Kids

This commonly comes from people who don’t understand what autism is and sometimes have never even heard about it. They see a child screaming in a store, getting upset and automatically assume it’s some spoiled child not getting its way. They do not consider that the child is having sensory issues, that they may be […]