Bad Companies and Bad Healthcare

Doctor Being Targeted for Refusing Injection for his Newborn Johnson and Johnson Found Guilty Over Risperdal Dying Baby Sent Home 3 Times Forced TB Treatment A retired elementary school principal and her husband recovered $4 million after a federal jury in Connecticut decided that the woman developed breast cancer as a result of taking a menopause drug. […]

The Brain is not the Only Area Affected

As mentioned before, autism is pretty complex, consisting of multiple issues; these are not all located in the brain. Autism is not simply a “differently wired” brain or people who are eccentric and think differently than the average. Autism is also gut issues, sensory issues, yeast in the body, seizures, immune issues, insulin issues, enzyme […]

Is not solely a genetic/hereditary condition

Contrary to popular belief, autism is not a solely genetic or hereditary condition. News Headlines can be very misleading when reporting on studies, especially concerning genetic studies and autism. Like this article for example. While the headline purports that genetics are the main factor in autism, the actual article and even study itself reveals the […]

Autism is Treatable

Autism was once widely believed to be “something that just happens”, “their brains are just wired differently”, “it’s a genetic thing, chronic condition and there’s nothing that can be done for it”. Today we know so much more about what autism truly is and how to help individuals lose the restrictions that autism brings. Therapy […]