Daily Ramblings

In The Beginning

There was facebook; with it came a spread of information and a connecting of people. This is where it began so of course we should have a facebook page right? We do, it’s right¬†Here and has lots of pictures full of information to share. Every new picture that we come across will be added and […]

We Are Now On Facebook

Come check us out http://www.facebook.com/watchmen2012

A Ramble a Day…

I am sick and tired of government officials promising things, assuring us that something will be done about such and such problem.¬†Protests are usually met with a speech about how the governing body is also concerned, how actions have been taken to address those concerns and those actions will get a bigger push because they […]

Setting Up

In case people stumble over here please note that this page is currently under construction. Setting up something like this is time consuming and tedious; especially when you don’t want to half-ass it. Gathering links has got to be giving me the most trouble. You would not believe how many site I have to click […]