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Do Police Actually Value Their Mission Statements Anymore

    Brantford, population 93,650[i] with a police force of 210 full time, 10 part time and 37 auxiliary officers available and a budget nearing $25 million[ii]. In theory this could be wonderful, a big police force with a big budget, monitoring a town under 100,000 people, it could really make a person feel safe. […]

Autism After Vaccination

Please be patient as stories are being added Monkeys Develop Autism After Receiving Vaccinations Aidan Quinn Talks About His Daughters Autism

Various Vaccine Articles

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Injury After Vaccination

We have constantly been told that vaccine injury is very rare. We have been lied to. It is occurring more frequently and while not everyone is speaking out enough are to be able to have this post. New articles and information will become be added as it becomes available. Please note that some of the […]

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